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Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Vermin Supreme w/ Rob Potylo

Time: 9:00AM

Admission: $10 advance/ $12 day of show | All Ages

Doors: 8:00AM

” There were harsh political realities when President for Life Vermin The First took office.
At the time of his ascent to the White House there were over 300,000,000 Americans in America’s previous borders. At the time there were only 200,000 ponies in the whole country.
It was a recipe for civil unrest. These were not just political realities, these were
reality realities. There was a very stark choice to make. On the table, would it be the mass execution of some 299,7000+ Americans in order to achieve proper pony/ human parity   …or something else.

Although there were some drawbacks to consider, mostly they were merely questions of ethics and public relations. The population was demanding their ponies…Ponies that were nowhere in sight.

It was a time of heightened international tensions. No one would have blamed Tyrant Supreme if he had ordered the National Dental Guard to carry out a full-scale massacre of the civilian population. It was high time actually. The veneer of civility, that had protected Americans from such real political unrest for quite some time, was wearing thin. The quaint and oft repeated notion that, “It can’t happen here”, was truly just a lack of imagination. It didn’t help at all, that recently installed Dictator Forever Vermin Supreme was completely and utterly insane. How this deranged hobo made it all the way into the White House was still not completely understood.” – from his book I Pony

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