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Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Sunday Shake! at Neptunes

with Play Play, Tony G, Said Deep, JIL, Chocolate Rice, EE/EE, FatBoi, Brassious Monk, Iggy Cosky, Carl Marx

Time: 9:00AM

Admission: $5 | 21+

Doors: 8:00AM

Sunday Shake is one of hopefully many events to cultivate younger producers, beat makers and DJs, simutaniously expanding the current art and music culture.

JIL – https://soundcloud.com/iamjil
Tony.G – https://soundcloud.com/onlyonetonyg
Chocolate Rice – https://soundcloud.com/chocolaterice
EE/EE – https://soundcloud.com/ee300000
BrassiousMonk – https://soundcloud.com/monkbrass
Fatboi – https://soundcloud.com/fatboifatboi
Iggy Cosky – https://soundcloud.com/iggycosky
Said Deep – https://soundcloud.com/said-deep/white-rick-james-feat-calvin
DJ PlayPlay – https://soundcloud.com/djplay-play

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