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Thursday, April 18th, 2024

andmoreagain presents

Post Sex Nachos

with Whoop

Time: 8:00PM

Admission: $15 adv / $18 day-of

Doors: 7:00PM

Post Sex Nachos is bringing the party, Thursday, April 18th!  Get ready to dance.  NC’s Whoop is opening it up.  See you then!

From the depths of the Midwest alt rock scene arises a soulful and passionate quintet ready to bend genres and produce tunes that’ll make you jump, shake, and move: Post Sex Nachos. Charging into battle for the love of the groove, these roller-coaster rockers are here to redefine the term “boy band” forever. Breathing new life into genres across the spectrum – from jazz, to pop, to straight up funk rock – Post Sex Nachos continuously reimagines the scope of what they can do with their art. Where most find a wall, they find a door, in a get-me-a-sledge-hammer-so-I-can-show-this-wall-a-thing-or-two kind of way.

 Accompanied by two previously released singles, the title track of their new “Keep Moving” EP is the thematic culmination of the band’s last two years traversing the country and writing music for a world that can’t seem to get out of its own way. Ingratiated with mesmerizing guitar riffs, synth leads that transport you to a hot sand beach on a scorching summer’s day, and bouncing rhythms that anyone can get lost inside of, their music paints a portrait of a group who’s unsure of what the future holds for them but are eager to find out anyways. A shout into the void, the “Keep Moving” EP unabashedly declares that the only thing you can do in a world full of uncertainty is to roll with the punches, keep your head up, and keep on moving.

Post Sex Nachos is (surprisingly) 100% Vegan, Organic, and Homemade.”

On sophomore album Just What? North Carolina’s Whoop traverse indie-pop, rock, reggae, and jazzy hip-hop with instinctive musicality, rare chemistry, and palpable joy.  
Due on Porcelain Records on April 1 st , the foursome’s second full-length in as many years evolves an innately diverse palette channeled through force-of-nature vocalist Fal and shaped by Grammy-winning guitarist/producer Steve Bigas. 
“Music is supposed to bring people together, shake things up, cause a ruckus, and make a mark,” said Fal. “I always want Whoop to leave a lasting impression in someone’s mind/heart/ears.” 
Formed in 2020, Whoop evolved organically from Friday night jams in Bigas’ barn studio in Raleigh. Consisting of musical moments captured, distilled, and tastefully shaped into songs, the band’s celebratory yet introspective eponymous debut emerged to rave reviews just a year later. 
Since then, the prolific quartet, completed by bassist Nick and drummer Will, has been performing electrifying live shows – including Carolina Indie Fest and the NC State Fair – between the writing/recording sessions that ultimately spawned Just What? 
“We normally start with a single idea, whether it be on bass, guitar, or drums,” Nick explained. “We build off of that until it evolves into a vibe. Fal then takes that vibe and sings the first thing that comes to mind. Later, we chop up the best parts to form outlines for songs.” 
With transplanted Canadian Bigas (Ziggy Marley, Daniel Lanois, Taj Mahal etc.) once again at the controls, Just What? announces itself with the visceral, guitar-driven call-to-arms of opener “Rise Up” – a song that seamlessly juxtaposes reggae grooves, indie sensibilities, and an 
anthemic rock hook. Second track “The Way” confirms Whoop’s adventurous genre-blending with its playful big-band horns, sultry vocal, and burbling percussion. 
Further Just What? highlights include the streetwise, syncopated angst-funk of “Cherry Cola”; delicate and dreamy acoustic standout “New Disposition”; and the gorgeous, late-night jazzy soul and finely grained Fal performance on “Here.” Meanwhile, breezy, contemplative “Time 
Machine” contrasts with the rhythmic exotica of “Nothing Changes” and the title track’s gritty grooves and sardonic narrative. 
And Whoop’s four contrasting yet uniquely complimentary characters just can’t stop/won’t, stop creating. “Album number three is already fifty percent written!”Bigas revealed.

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