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Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Lightning Bolt Afterparty Featuring Microkingdom at The Wicked Witch

with JIL (DJ set)

Time: 11:59PM

Admission: $3 | 21+

Doors: 10:00PM

Keep the vibes going after Lightning Bolt with Das Drip, Secret Boyfriend at Kings, at the o-fficial afterparty at The Wicked Witch.

Featuring performances by:

Microkingdom // BALTIMORE, MD

Microkingdom is experimental composer Will Redman on percussion/computer, Ex-Oxes Marc Miller on guitar, and reeds MVP John Dierker on saxophone. Floating limbs and brains missing the same body. Zone variance of extra-cognitive spiritual magnetism. Ten years of intrepid musical cartography: drone music with orchestral percussion, Bruce Springsteen cover with Sam from Future Islands, loop creation for Blacksage, faux retro soul film music, graphic scores, monthly residencies, clearing lobbies and at fancy Manhattan hotels, three records and a few tapes of computer-processed free improv on Friends Records and other labels, and of course the sweaty and fervent comic cosmic benders that are their live shows.

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