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Friday, January 29th, 2016

Dear Internet: IRL Readings of Online Journals

Time: 8:00AM

Admission: $5 | 18+

Doors: 7:30AM

Throughout the years, personal journals have evolved from an intimate confessional between the writer and the page to a virtual platform where strangers are allowed to read our personal thoughts and experiences.

Inspired by the concept of the popular event Mortified! & recent events around the triangle to revisit some of our old teenage virtual blog posts and actually read some of the entries we wrote years ago to an invisible audience to an actual audience! We are basically going back to our old Livejournal/ Dead Journal/ Xanga and Myspace journal to cringe at how terrible we were or read about a simpler time. That seems fun right?

1. Find an entry that will take no longer than five minutes to read
2. You are welcome to change names in entries but only if it is incredibly necessary
3. Nothing X-rated please
4. You may submit more than one story but you will only be allowed to read once unless there is a last minute spot that needs to be filled

Submission form:

$5 suggested donation with the funds going to Little Raleigh Radio

Doors 7:30
Show 8:00

Ages 18+

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