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Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Buy Muy Drugs, The Difference Machine at Neptunes

with Trandle (Raund Haus), awaymsg

Time: 9:00AM

Admission: $8 | 21+

Doors: 8:00AM

Buy Muy Drugs is an experimental hip hop duo comprised of producer, Azarias and vocalist, Denmark Vessey.

The BUY MUY DRUGS’ (taste that venom!) macrocosm is a system animal that manifests as our natural and physical world. Through an occidental lens, the current collective experience captures a subversion of normality; everything is not okay. The sway pharmaceutical monoliths have over our policy-makers and subsequently, our lives, has effected all sectors of society. This same power structure shapes the media we regard. In order to cope with post-truths and fake news, people turn to hyper-consumerism. In the age of alternative facts, we seek alternative drugs.

The world – in which BUY MUY DRUGS exists – harbors concerted cries from all walks of life:

The voice of two black-market alchemists with copious amounts of gold.
An arcane chairman of a multinational trap house getting high on his own supply of monoatomic gold (MFKZT, manna).
The working class, affected by the aftermath of MKFZT’s commercial distribution, teeters in elevated levels of addiction.
The gentry’s license to manna-fest change enabling the diet of big pharma-philosopher’s stone.

All of this, in symphony, depicts a constant theme in history: man’s desire to transcend the confines of the human condition and become gods.

BUY MUY DRUGS’ sound is 45 minutes of designer dissonance. An Afro-Brazilian percussive mien hybridized with the aggressive, federally-sanctioned genre, “loom-bap”. The bass-drunk 909s, programmed to stomp mud-holes throughout the full-length’s soundscape, drive the manic transitions between maximal bliss and minimal dystopia.

Celebrated perspectives include Yasiin Bey, Open Mike Eagle, Quelle Chris, Billy The Kid, Sassi Blaque, Big Tone, and Adad

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