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Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Balsa Gliders Album Release Party

with Leisure McCorkle, The Geb

Time: 8:00PM

Admission: $20 | All Ages

Doors: 7:30AM

Album release party to support JY Joyner Elementary Foundation!
Balsa Gliders:

Balsa Gliders: The Balsa Gliders are celebrating the release of their seventh record, “National Television,” which offers the band’s most recent collection of geographically distinct snapshots of time.  As one reviewer describes the music: “Life is lived within these songs. Cars are driven, sneakers are worn thin, beaches are trampled, waves are plunged into, loves are lost and found. But time, remarkably, is captured in a jar and preserved.”  You can read stories of all of the new songs here at: www.thebalsagliders.com.

The Gliders are proud to boast three Joyner dads and 8 Joyner kids among them.

The Geb:

The Geb brings a unique sound and original music from the basements of Raleigh. With songs crafted for the sheer enjoyment of it all, The Geb draws on 80s and 90s influences and communicates their viewpoint on local community and family life in these modern times. Kevin Cox (guitar), Aaron Henderlite (bass), and Joe Caterinicchio (drums) serve as founding members of a band that has been making music together in Raleigh for the past 15 years. Drew Caterinicchio (sax and keyboards) is a new addition to the band who brings a new twist to their library of indie rock library of songs.

Leisure McCorkle:

For Leisure McCorkle—the band, the man —life is about not standing still. His latest travelogue—the album 5000 Light Years Beyond the Speed of Sound, to be the inaugural release on his own imprint, Nappystar Chocolates—is a landmark release. It features Leisure McCorkle’s classic lineup reunited on record for the first time in 17 years. It also showcases a new artistic vista for Leisure, finding him exploring a quality of mournful melodicism reminiscent of 1980s British new-wave/dark-wave within his signature rousing hook-laden alt-rock.

His endless itinerary has taken him through the wilds of punk rock, where he earned a cult following with pioneering pop-punk band Misguided Youth (pre Green Day), and through exploring the majesty of the groove with Funkenstein. However, he’s best known as the driving force behind Leisure McCorkle. The group’s classic lineup features bassist Big Mike Mitschele, bass (formerly of the Sire/Warner Brothers band Jolene), percussionist Gary Guthrie (Spirit System, Elevator Action), and Grainger Gilbert (Granger) on guitar. Since 1997, Leisure McCorkle, with various lineups, has released four critically acclaimed albums, earned prime sync licensing placements with MTV, and toured nationally and internationally. Select live performance highlights include dates with Cowboy Mouth, Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), The Rembrandts, Frank Black (The Pixies), The Lemonheads, The Connells, Edwin McCain, Mark Bryan (Hootie and the Blowfish), Southern Culture on the Skids, Blue Dogs, and Elliott Smith.

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