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Friday, August 2nd, 2024


A Blood Sick Double Feature: Coven of the Black Cube & Busted Babies

Time: 9:00PM

Admission: $10 GA

Doors: 8:30PM

Premiere of Coven of the Black Cube & Busted Babies

An SOV Horror double feature from Blood Sick Productions. Coven of the Black Cube is a queer romance curse by black magic and the occult! Followed by Busted Babies, a cinematic tale of breakable proportions, within extra immortal cheeze and girls! Hosted by Blood Sick Productions directors Brewce Longo & Kasper Meltedhair. Presented by Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat VHS, and co-writer/star of Coven of the Black Cube.

Coven of the Black Cube
A mysterious coven helps unhappy wives murder their husbands. A deadbeat stoner turns a pizzeria into a video rental headshop, and a lost soul falls in love with a serial killer, in this heavy metal love story full of arsenic and witchery.
Starring Morrigan Milam, Zoe Angeli, LunchmeatVHS’s Josh Schafer, Annie Mitchel & Kasper Meltedhair. Featuring Tina Krause, Chris Seaver, Joe Swanberg & David “the Rock” Nelson. Written by Brewce Longo, Zoe Angeli, & Josh Shafer. Produced & Directed by Brewce Longo.

Busted Babies
A secret of turning flesh into glass breaks down ____’s reality when she trips in the BBQ Salon, busting rusting immortal goop onto the faces of herself, Movie Star, and Character Name. Blasts party murder of self inflicting wads of death are in the agenda after a green amulet confusion, forever, until the wood chipper reveals the dusty trick. But who are these men with Gartan Galtar and why do they dance so preciously? Starring Kasper Meltedhair, Erin Caywood, Cody Brant, Josh Christensen, Brent Grant, and Brewce Longo with a special appearance by Donald Farmer. Written & Directed by Kasper Meltedhair. Produced by Brewce Longo.

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