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Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Sound Journey Dance Party with Xylem & Nym at Neptunes

Time: 9:00PM

Admission: $5 | 21+

Doors: 9:00PM

The spaceship is back and ready for taking off again y’all. I’m very excited to share space and be accompanied by such incredible artists. Love frequencies will be blasting off.

Let your mind travel thru the astral waves of the universe 〰️ We invite you to experience the freedom of expression thru movement in a judgement free, safe space 〰️ However your body is feeling called to move.

XYLEM will start the evening off with a special stripped down, improv-based piano and violin set. Morgan Flemming will bring his classical style and fuse it with Donovan Moran’s space jazzy vibe for a light start to guide your journey.

Seemlessly following the piano and violin, dj phloem will provide live psychedelic instrumentation over a diverse range of worldly and hypnotic dance music that will have bodies swaying.

Ecstatically losing yourself to the sounds and rhythms is recommended, but being mindful and respectful of other’s space and vibe is what it’s all about.

Following the dance party, the internationally renowned producer, Nym will keep the bodies moving with some hauntingly melodic downtempo beats from civilizations that never were. This is traveler music, a conjuring of eerily beautiful landscapes and the spaces between. Nym currently resides in Durham after seven years in the dusty hills of San Francisco.

Expect dope jams and collaborationsss

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