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Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Kings Live Band Karaoke Madness

with The From The Top Of The Key At The Buzzer Good Times House Players

Time: 9:00AM

Admission: $5 | All Ages

Doors: 8:30AM

Front a band at Kings! Live band karaoke in honor of the Final Four. Just like regular karaoke, except with our expert ringers, The From The Top Of The Key At The Buzzer Good Times House Players, churning through your chosen Jamms as the lyrics flow in real time from our reference monitor into your cerebral cortex, out through your surging pipes and into the ears of your astonished peers! This is self actualization through song and ball. Dig it.

To participate, just fill out this form – the band will be in touch to confirm you as their singer, and all other details, soon! You can’t sing if you don’t sign up, so do it today and we’ll see you on Saturday the 31st” 

This will be a fun competition in honor of that Final 4 (somehow). Through progressive elimination rounds, the queen (or king) of sing will emerge. All contestants will sing with the band for the first round.  The final 8 will be selected by our judges to compete in  2nd and 3rd rounds of traditional sudden death karaoke.  The final two will face off backed by the live band! ONE WILL CLIP THE NET ATOP LOFTY SHOULDERS.
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