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Friday, August 26th, 2016

Kings Anniversary Extravaganza

with TV Knife and Friends

Time: 8:30AM

Admission: $5 | All Ages

Doors: 8:00AM

Come celebrate Kings anniversary with a special look back at the last Sat night show from original Kings and special musical performances!

Special HIGHLIGHTS from the film of the last Sat night show at original Kings on McDowell St, featuring: Birds of Avalon, Black Taj, the Greatest Hits, the Dynamite Brothers, the Loners & Noncanon
Special Performances by
TV Knife
2016 Cover Up Encore set by the Beastie Boys
We will also be showing Chef Zoe Zuoulu- This short mockumentary of the world’s most hideously pretentious chef follows the exploits, the passions, and the culinary ideology of the infamous Chef Zoe Zuoulu.

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